Below you can see profiles of some of our existing choir members. We're a diverse and interesting group


After enjoying choir at school, I spent the next few decades singing in the shower. When I finally had the courage to join a choir again, I couldn’t have found a more welcoming one. Commuting for ½ hour from Beachlands every week is no trouble, as it gives me time to warm up my voice and practice our songs ready for a great evening of brain and vocal chord stretching. Kate (our music director) is an inspiration to us all, and always keeps us on our toes.


Sarah lives in the Stonefields area and met Mel through the school as their eldest children were in the same class.
Mel approached Sarah mid 2012 and asked if she thought anyone would be interested in singing in a choir.

“At that point I was all in. I hadn’t sung in a choir since early college and loved singing at home and in the car. My children now love coming to the concerts and listening to Mum sing.”

Having a background of playing clarinet for 8 years and performing in Junior Symphony  Orchestras it was very enjoyable to come back to her musical roots after 20 years away from performing.

“My voice has gone from strength to strength and now I can sing notes I never dreamed of. The joy of making such incredible sounds together is so rewarding and we have such a laugh along the way, it’s a great group to be a part of.”


I have been an enthusiastic member of the choir for since 2013, singing bass or baritone parts. One of my daughters Tessa, is also a member.

This provides me with a revived interest in singing after having been in a folk trio at university a few moons ago! I enjoy the variety of music and the fact that we are free to make suggestions.

 Choral singing is great teamwork. It never ceases to surprise me how good we sound after working on our four-part harmonies. There is camaraderie and a feeling of achievement but most of all a lot of fun.

 The choir rocks (excuse the pun!) 

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Richard and I joined the choir at the beginning of 2013, on the recommendation of our friend Ellie who was having such a good time. We've really enjoyed the musical selection and are currently working on a selection of Christmas Carols for our December Concert. We thoroughly recommend you join us, we're a very welcoming group!


Hi, my name is Karina. When Mel approached me to join the choir I thought the choir was a great idea but not for me as I had not sung in a choir since primary school! But the more I thought about it, the more I was reminded of how much fun it was. As a fan of musical TV shows such as Glee and The X-Factor, I had often thought how great it would be to part of a group and sing, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined. I am thoroughly enjoying the challenges of learning new songs and the sense of pride and achievement of performing in front of an audience is awesome and rewarding. I am continually building confidence and am so pleased I joined Stonefields Choir.